Jobsite Confirmation

Remove risk from your project by confirming that all steel is correctly located at the jobsite, The general contractor can use this confirmation to be confident that all steel construction is correct and release a portion or all of the hold back project funds.

Reduce Construction Time

Our jobsite workers are experienced ironworkers who are skilled at construction and trained to use the latest in digital survey equipment and 3D laser scanning equipment and can work with your construction team to significantly reduce construction time.

Remove Risk & Responsibilty

Diligent confirmation of all steel placement at the job site will eliminate job site repairs required by incorrectly placed steel. This is especially useful on projects that have skewed or radial grid lines.

Preconstruction Simulation

We take advantage of the latest in Preconstruction Simulation software which allows us to be aware of every special requirement BEFORE the crane arrives at the jobsite.

About us

Jobsite Confirmation Services Corp.

We provide jobsite confirmation of structural steel projects using modern Leica 3D measurement tools such as Leica RTC 360 Laser Scanners and Leica TS16 Robotic Total Stations to measure and confirm the position of every steel assembly at the jobsite.


Accuracy will save you money

  • Pre construction confrimation of job site conditions.
  • Pre construction scanning of complicated steel assemblies confirming accuracy before construction begins.
  • Ongoing confirmation during construction.
  • Real time confirmation of bolt tightening.
  • 3D Laser scanned final project creating permanent record of exact measurements of structural steel.
  • Point clouds can be created or single point coordinates created that can be imported into a BIM model.


Confirmed accuracy is valuable.

  • Independent confirmation of the placement of structural steel can be used to negotiate with the general contractor to reduce the amount of payment hold back.

  • On complicated projects the ability to confirm the proper placement of structural steel can save very large amounts of time and completely reduce repair of misplaced steel assemblies and parts..

  • Using this technology will assure that the steel at the jobsite is as accurate at the 3D model creating the fabrication drawings and erection drawings and BIM model.